Ganga Aarti Helicopter Tickets Varanasi

Ganga Aarti Helicopter Tickets Varanasi

Tourists meaning to attend the picturesque evening aarti at Dashashwamedh Ghat on the banks of River Ganga are often deterred by the bustling crowd that gather there. But there is a way around now with Uttar Pradesh government about to launch helicopter tours to the event, along with several religious spots in the state.

The UP government is set to launch ‘Heli-Ganga-Aarti’ and ‘Triveni Darshan’ helicopter tours under the first phase of its spiritual tourism project. “Tourists will be able to view the Ganga Aarti and Sangam from a chopper in sightseeing tours of a few (10-15) minutes,”

The UP tourism department is in talks  and claims will launch the project within two months, the report said.

The department is seeking permission to use existing helipads near spiritual tourist places, like the one in Banaras Hindu University to cover Ganga Aarti in Varanasi. UP tourism department has also indicated towards reviving old helipads that are now out of use.

The idea behind the project came from Heli Parikrama launched in the month of July over the Govardhan Hills in Mathura. Traversing the circuit around the hill on-foot is around 25 km long and takes six hours to complete with a helicopter, but this journey can be completed within 10 minutes.

Heli Parikrama was started by UP government as a pilot project, where  helicopters took visitors for a ride around the hill.

The UP tourism department is planning to cater to foreign tourists visiting Varanasi and Allahabad with these two heli-tourism projects. “A lot of people from countries like Singapore and Thailand visit the ghats; we will work out to make it a seamless experience,”

Based on its success, the project will be taken to other tourist places around the state too. Sarnath, a pilgrimage for followers of Buddhism, and sufi shrines around the state will be also be brought under the gamut of the project shortly.

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