Govardhan panchkosi Parikrama Helicopter Tickets Vrindavan

Govardhan panchkosi Parikrama Helicopter Tickets Vrindavan

A helicopter service will be launched on December 4, 2014 to ferry pilgrims on a ” parikrama” (circle) of the holy town in just eight minutes. Initially the chopper service would be available for a quick parikrama of the town but later, if the UP government permits, service to Agra could be extended.

The fare fixed for a trip is Rs 2,700 per person for conducting a “parikrama” of the Panchkoshi.

On foot, it takes about four hours to complete the 15-km “parikrama”.

This is the second time the facility is being launched in the city. In November 2012, it was also started a daily service from Indira Gandhi Airport in Delhi to Vrindavan. ,It  could not run for long due to lack of patronage by “touch and go” pilgrims. The one-way fare from Delhi was then fixed at Rs 4,000.

Meanwhile, residents besides “pandas” and conservationists are unhappy with the moves being made to “‘urbanize” Vrindavan. “Neither the move to make Vrindavan a tourist spot nor to change its original rustic flavor will succeed. The fervor of visiting temples cannot be matched with an aerial view. The numerous saints and ascetics living in Braj mandal are not too happy with the move to modernize the traditional landscape of the holy town,”

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